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- By Bob Hurley, Chairman, Hurley International
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SIA State of the Industry Videos Provide Snow Sports Industry with Compelling 13/14 Season Overview

By Elizabeth Hurst, Communications & Public Relations Manager, SnowSports Industry America (SIA)

2014 SIA State of the Industry from SnowSports Industries America on Vimeo.

SnowSports Industries America, the snow sports industry’s member-owned trade association, has released its State of the Industry Video series reviewing the 2013/14 snow sports season punctuated with $3.6B in sales and extraordinary weather patterns.

In the State of the Industry Video and category-specific videos for ski, cross country and snowboard, SIA’s Director of Research, Kelly Davis, an expert meteorologist and a variety of snow sports participants explain the 2013/14 snow sports sales and participation data detailed in the Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report and Executive Market Summary.

“Watching the State of the Industry Videos will be 10 of the most productive minutes of your week because they give a succinct and effective overview of the data covered in the Snow Sports Main Market Intelligence Report,” Davis said. “These videos are another way that SIA Research provides members with valuable, actionable intelligence for the current season and beyond.”

The 13/14 season explanation reviewed in the State of the Industry Video includes:

  • 2013/2014 was a $3.6B season, up 7 percent in dollar sales and up 4 percent in unit sales, despite the drought in California.
  • Sales of action cameras were up 10 percent in units sold to 121,000 cameras and up 20 percent in dollars sold to $41 million.
  • More girls bought snowboard equipment this year; junior girls snowboarding equipment sales grew 37 percent in units sold and 36 percent in dollars sold.
  • Alpine insulated tops sales were up 13 percent in dollars sold to $529 million and up 8 percent in units to more than 3 million units sold.
  • Sales of women’s-specific cross country equipment increased 32 percent in units sold and 28 percent in dollars sold to over $6 million.
  • Apparel accessories including gloves, baselayer, headwear, neck gaiters, etc. increased 7 percent in units sold and 11 percent in dollars sold to $664 million.

Category-specific videos for alpine, Nordic and snowboard help the industry better understand the impact of the 13/14 season product sales.

“Retailers finished the 13/14 season with relatively clean inventories,” said Davis. “Having fresh inventory from the beginning of the season with limited carry-over goods and more in-season gear means higher margins, stronger prices and increased sales for the 14/15 season.”

Content for the State of the Industry Videos was pulled from the 2014 Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report and 2014 Snow Sports Participant Study, which are wide-ranging reports covering both sales and participation from the 2012/2013 season. Data from Snow Sports Insiders and Snow Sports Consumer Profiles are also included in the video.

SIA collects and analyzes all of its research, which ensures the information is relevant for the snow sports industry’s unique business needs including budgeting, product development or how to write a business plan. As a non-profit, member-owned trade association, SIA's goal is to help businesses thrive on their own and as part of the larger snow sports industry. Membership dues help subsidize SIA’s exclusive research, making the data available at no cost (i.e. State of the Industry Video) or at significantly reduced pricing. Additional SIA research reports, including women-specific and juniors-specific snow sports products, will be released in the upcoming weeks.

For more information about SIA Research products including the Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report, Snow Sports Participation Study, Revisiting Growing the Snow Sports Industry and more, contact Kelly Davis, SIA's director of research, at KDavis@snowsports.org or by phone at 703-506-4224. Get the latest updates on from SIA research at Snowsports.org/research and by following #SIAdata on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



5 Website Tools That Could Increase Sales This Month

By Randy Taylor, Founder and CEO, Taylor Digital

There are many things that marketing campaigns can do to get us to the goals we want to achieve, but it all starts with a website that drives traffic. In this month’s blog post, we present five basic elements of good website design that can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

For example, adding video content.  Product demonstrations are a huge piece of marketing many of us constantly overlook. According to Mashable, video can increase conversions by 86% and 44% of site visitors are more likely to purchase more products when there is a promotional video. Adding video content can be easy.

We also explore how to reach the global market, increase your website’s loading speed, and implement responsive design.  And lastly, we recommend  ways to add customer reviews and testimonials.

Making these small changes can have a dramatic, positive impact on your sales.  If you’d like advice on how to improve your site, we’d love to help you.  Give me a call at 949-391-3333 ext. 701.  We look forward to working with you!

Pledge to Rise Above Plastics with Surfrider Foundation

By Katie Ferguson, Communications Manager, Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation, the largest grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our oceans, waves and beaches, launched its fourth annual Rise Above Plastics Month in support of its Rise Above Plastics program. During this month long campaign the organization is calling on the public to learn the facts, pledge to reduce their plastic footprint, join a beach cleanup, help raise funds and enter Surfrider’s Plastic Art Contest.

“Improving and maintaining water quality has been one of the Surfrider Foundation’s core initiatives since its founding 30 years ago,” says Laura Lee, Marketing and Communications Director of the Surfrider Foundation. “Our goal, during Rise Above Plastics Month, is to raise awareness about the threats single-use plastics have on our marine and coastal environments, provide ways people can help, and raise funds for our Rise Above Plastics program and ongoing campaign efforts.”

Change begins onshore, from eliminating the proliferation of single-use plastics to cleaning up our beaches before this litter hits our waterways. Here are six ways people everywhere can reduce their plastic footprint to help protect our oceans, waves and beaches:

  • Avoid buying items packaged in plastic. Look for produce and other items that aren’t over-packaged. Not only are you reducing the plastic you use, you’re sending a message to the manufacturers of those products that you prefer sustainable packaging.
  • Use cloth shopping bags. Keep reusable bags somewhere handy—in your car or your bike or by the front door—so you don’t forget them when you go to the market, grocery store or mall.
  • Forget bottled water. Carry a reusable bottle. Plastic bottles are one of the top five most common types of litter found on beaches. Since bottled water is much more expensive than tap water, you’ll also save money and avoid the possible hazards of plastic toxins leaching into your beverage.
  • Volunteer at a beach cleanup. Plastics are forever. Help pick up plastic debris that have already reached our coasts to make certain they are recycled and not mistaken for food by birds and marine life. Surfrider Foundation Chapters will be holding events all month long. Collect trash, then enter our Rise Above Plastics art contest for a chance to win some amazing prizes.
  • Take Surfrider’s Pledge to Rise Above Plastics. Learn more ways to make simple changes to your daily routines by taking this Surfrider pledge. Then spread the news and share it with your friends.
  • Make a donation. Every drop counts. Your support is crucial in ensuring the continued success of Surfrider’s campaign and programmatic work, including more than 25 Rise Above Plastics campaigns taking place across the country today.

The Rise Above Plastics program is the Surfrider Foundation’s response to the problem of plastic litter in our ocean and marine environments. The goal of the program is to educate the public on the impacts single-use plastics have on marine environments, and how individuals can make changes in their daily lives and within their communities. The program has a track record of success. Just last month, Surfrider celebrated the first-ever statewide single-use plastic bag ban in California. Surfrider Chapters also have seen victories in Hawaii, Texas, Washington, D.C., and are working vigorously to help pass a bag ban bill in New York City.

Surfrider Foundation Chapters are currently working on 27 Rise Above Plastics campaigns around the country, with a total of 76 victories since 2006.

For more information about Rise Above Plastics Month please visit rapmonth.org, or contact Katie Ferguson, Communications Manager, Surfrider Foundation

SDSI, Outdoor Retailer, Grow Utah Bring Together Leading Outdoor Industry Investors, Emerging Companies with FundSource OR Event at Summer Market in Salt Lake City

By Lisa Freedman, Executive Director, SD Sport Innovators (SDSI)

SD Sport Innovators (SDSI), Outdoor Retailer, the premier outdoor product tradeshow, and sponsor Grow Utah, have reported that FundSource OR, the invitation only investor event, provided exposure for six emerging companies in the Outdoor industry to over twenty five investors.

"FundSource OR was a great opportunity for Arena Sciences to present itself to a group of investors in a friendly setting,” said Dr. Rupak Doshi, founder of Arena Sciences. “The Q&A session and follow-up discussions were highly fruitful to understand the various strategies that the investors had in mind for funding innovative sports products. The opportunity to visit the massive Outdoor Retailer trade show was a wonderful addition to the event, as it presented an inspiring picture of where every startup company eventually dreams of being.”

Over 25 activeinvestors, with an interest in the sports and active lifestyle (SAL) industry heard investment pitches from six high-quality, emerging SAL companies, all which had been vetted and either graduated SDSI’s business accelerator program, Springboard, or were a past winners of Grow Utah’s Concept to Company competition.  Each company presented their business opportunity in a five-minute quick pitch format to potential investors and strategic partners with the intention of securing follow on meetings.

 “FundSource OR staged the day before Outdoor Retailer opened in Salt Lake City and was a great way to launch this new concept at the show. The program provides a venue to gather the growing numbers of venture capital and angel investment firms, financial community already coming to OR to find and fund innovative brands, and delivers a platform for entrepreneurs and small companies looking for funding sources to take their business to the next level. This is a great way to provides a new service and builds excitement around outdoor industry innovation,” said Kenji Haroutunian, Group Show Director for Outdoor Retailer. “I am really pleased to hear that several companies that presented at FundSource have already gotten follow up and potential funding for their next phase of development.”

Presenting companies included:

Arena Sciences(SDSI Springboard) www.arenasciences.com

Bike Fast Rack (Grow Utah Concept to Company Winner) www.BikeFastRack.com

Char Poles (Grow Utah Concept to Company Winner) www.CharPoles.com

GrassAds(SDSI Springboard) www.grassads.com

Lunatec, Inc. (SDSI Springboard) www.lunatecgear.com

ZOIC (SDSI Springboard) www.zoic.com

Stay tuned for information on FundSource OR Winter Market, which will be held in January 2015.  If you are an active investor in the SAL industry and are interested in more information about any of the companies who presented at Summer Marker or you would like to know more about FundSource OR Winter Market, please contact SDSI’s Executive Director, Lisa Freedman.

4 Reasons B2B Companies Need to Embrace eCommerce

By Rebecca Lerner, Head of Content, NuORDER

While there is no question that eCommerce has changed the face of B2C sales, the B2B market has been somewhat slow to embrace its efficiencies. Yet as the success of companies like Amazon and Alibaba show, the advantages of responding to changing buyer preferences are clear.  

In our recent brief, "4 Reasons B2B Companies Need to Embrace eCommerce,” NuOrder details why not embracing eCommerce for your B2B business could be a serious mistake.

Reasons to make the switch to digital interfaces include that business people are consumers too, and have become accustomed to high-quality, efficient e-Commerce interfaces when shopping online.  Many are looking for that same experience at work.  

We also discuss the game-changing efficiencies and order accuracy that eCommerce provides, along with the recent platform development that makes the switch to eCommerce even easier.  

Finally, we note that competition will be coming from new sources as companies embrace faster, more versatile systems to increase their sales.

The full brief is available on our website.

Procopio's Annual Labor and Employment Seminar Event Details

By Marie Burke Kenny, Partner, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

Procopio is pleased to announce the return of its annual Labor and Employment Seminar featuring the following labor and employment law experts:

Marie Burke Kenny, Phillip Kossy, Bob Levy, Annie Macaleer, Hollis Peterson and Wendy Tucker.  

Please find the agenda below. Immediately following the seminar, the ever popular hosted networking reception will begin. This will give you the opportunity to ask your burning questions and take advantage of an hour of free legal advice with the experts themselves!

Space is limited, so register NOW! Take advantage of the special early-bird rate of only $75 until October 21st! Regular admission is $100.    
12:30 - 1:00 pm: Registration/Networking
1:00 - 2:00 pm: Session I: Recent Developments in California Employment Law: What Employers Need to Know for 2014-2015 (presented by Bob Levy and Hollis Peterson)  
2:00 - 2:50 pm: Session II: Managing Medical Marijuana, Madness and Other Medical Issues in the Workplace  (presented by Wendy Tucker)
2:50 - 3:05 pm: Networking Break
3:05 - 3:55 pm: Session III: The eWorkplace: Avoiding Employer Liability in the Era of Social Media, Electronic Devices and Technological Privacy (presented by Phillip Kossy and Annie Macaleer)
3:55 - 4:45 pm: Session IV: Wage and Hour Update for California Employers (presented by Marie Burke Kenny)
4:45 - 6:00 pm: Q&A, Reception and Hosted Cocktail hour
This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute for review. MCLE credit will be offered. Self-parking will be hosted.
Date:  Monday, November 17, 2014
Time:  12:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Location:  Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
                   10905 North Torrey Pines Road
                    La Jolla, CA 92037

Event Fees:  $75: Early Bird Special!   
$100: Regular Admission (after 10.21)

The Point Opens at Turtle Bay

By Jessica Gellert, Social Media & Web Manager, Turtle Bay Resort

October has been an exciting month at Turtle Bay.  On the second we opened our new restaurant The Point Sunset & Pool Bar.  Here, you will experience one of the most dramatic sunsets in all of Hawai‘I while surfers flock to catch some waves in the day’s final rays.

The Point is home to our new signature drink, The Shaken Sunset- A beautifully layered cocktail inspired by the North Shore Sunset made with Organic Ocean Vodka, crushed pineapple, mint, lime sour, and Vita Coco coconut water.

Turtle Bay Resort has historical roots in sustainable dining. Ancient Hawaiians dedicated land here to an altar used to pay homage to fishing and agriculture, and we feel it is of utmost importance to recognize the significance of this special land and continue to use locally-sourced ingredients in our offerings.  Garnishes of mint and basil for our drinks are actually grown on our roof-top garden.

 October 10-12 The Point will become a stadium for the Stand Up World Series Finals, that will take place right off the bluff. Visitors will be able to see world champion Kai Lenny and other pro paddlers battle it out only yards away.

If you ever find yourself on the North Shore or better yet staying with us at Turtle Bay, Join us for our Sunset Ceremony as we reflect on the day’s blessings with a Hawaiian Oli (chant) and the lighting of our tiki torches. You can learn more about The Point on our website. You can also follow the point on Instagram @ThePointNorthShore.


Hobie and SHACC Team Up to Pay Tribute to Surfing's Innovators

By Paul Strauch, Executive Director, SHACC

Hobie Surf Shops and the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHACC) today announced a collaborative project called the "Surfing Innovators Series." The first installment of the series will be an exhibit inside Hobie's Dana Point surf shop that showcases Lorrin "Whitey" Harrison and the profound impact he had on the nascent California surfing scene.
"Whitey Harrison was among California's first real watermen," said Paul Strauch, SHACC's Executive Director. "As a teenager in the late 1920s and early 1930s, Whitey surfed the beaches of Corona del Mar and Laguna, initially on a solid pine surfboard left behind by the legendary Duke Kahanamoku on one of his trips to the mainland. There were very few surfers in California at that time. Not only was Harrison a skilled surfer and body surfer, but he also helped popularize free-diving for abalone and lobster off Orange County's beaches."
According to SHACC's Curator and Creative Director, Barry Haun, Harrison also helped popularize surfing on the beaches of San Onofre. "In about 1935, the construction of jetty extensions in Corona del Mar drove Harrison to seek new places to surf," Haun said. "That search led him and a few of his buddies to San Onofre, where they quickly learned that the waves were consistently good and ideal for surfing."
As early as age five, Harrison began crafting his own wave-riding body boards out of wood. He would later emerge as one of the most innovative builders of redwood surfboards and paddleboards, as well as outrigger canoes to which he had been introduced during his first trip to Hawaii in the early 1930s.
"Harrison was of the mindset: why buy something if you can make it yourself," Haun added. "So in addition to building surfboards, paddleboards and boats, he fabricated many of his own tools, fishing gear and lobster traps."
The Whitey Harrison exhibit inside the Hobie Dana Point store includes some of Harrison's early shaping tools, historic photographs, his signature hand-woven palm-frond hats, and other memorabilia that undoubtedly laid the groundwork for the California surfing lifestyle. Many Hobie staff members worked with SHACC to organize and install the Harrison exhibit. The shop is located at 34174 Pacific Coast Highway.
"Hobie and SHACC share a long and rich history in the surfing community," said Jake Schwaner, Hobie's General Manager and part owner. "SHACC co-founder Dick Metz and Hobie Alter had been close friends from the late '50s until Hobie's passing this year. Metz helped Hobie open a series of successful surf shops in the early 1960s - in California, Hawaii and the East Coast."

Surf Industry Raises an Estimated $100,000 - Causes Overflow of Stoke

By SIMA Humanitarian Fund, Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, SIMA

StokesMe, the SIMA Humanitarian Fund’s 30-day fundraising campaign, came to a close at the end of September and raised an estimated $100,000 gross for 12 surf-related humanitarian organizations. Throughout the month multiple initiatives took place allowing surf industry brands, retailers, consumers and athletes to join forces in making a difference.
As final 2014 numbers are being totaled, the SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors estimates that 40% more was raised in 2014 versus 2013. This jump can be attributed to the increased amount of retail doors, brands and new partnerships that were involved this year.
A total of 76 retail doors dedicated the month of September to asking their customers to add a dollar to their purchases in order to donate to the SIMA Humanitarian Fund beneficiaries. The implementation of the initiative in the retail stores was vital in meeting the StokesMe fundraising goal. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors is grateful for all retailers who participated including BC Surf & Sport, BC Surf Shop, Coastal Edge, Curl by Sammy Duvall, Emerald City, Farias Surf & Sport, Hansen’s, Huntington Surf & Sport, Jack’s Surfboards, Killer Dana, Maui Nix, Noll Surfboards, Rip Curl Retail, Rusty Del Mar Surf Shop, South Coast Surf Shop, Spyder Surf, Sun Diego, Surf Diva, Surf N Sea, Surf Ride, Surfside Sports, WRV and ZJ Boarding House.
Another huge factor in this year’s StokesMe success was the inaugural StokesMe Bowl-A-Rama, which took place during the Hurley Pro. This industry bowling night brought brands, retailers, athletes and beneficiaries together bowling head-to-head for the title of 2014 StokesMe Bowl-A-Rama Champions. The sold-out event alone raised more than $40,000 for StokesMe beneficiaries. StokesMe Bowl-A-Rama sponsors include International Surfing Association, Rip Curl, Hurley, Quiksilver, Vans, Agenda, Arnette, Billabong, Electric, Innovative Systems, L*Space Swimwear, Pipeline to a Cure, O’Neill, Reef, Salt Life, Sanuk, Stance and Surfline.
“The SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board is extremely grateful to all the brands, retailers, partners and enthusiastic individuals who supported StokesMe this year.” said Ross Garrett, President of the SIMA Humantiarian Fund. “The campaign is about the stoke that follows from helping the people, be it financially or with your time, and the surf industry really stepped up this year.”
In addition to the major events listed above, there were a variety of homegrown activations throughout the month by partners, individuals, brands and retailers in support of StokesMe. All funds from this year’s efforts will benefit 12 surf-related humanitarian organizations selected by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors for their dedication to improving the quality of life, health, and/or welfare of people.

THANK YOU to all who participated & supported StokesMe!


2015 SIA Snow Show Attendee Registration Now Open

By Elizabeth Hurst, Communications & Public Relations Manager, SnowSports Industry America (SIA)

This is THE Trade Show. from SnowSports Industries America on Vimeo.

SnowSports Industries America (SIA), the snow sports industry’s member-owned trade association, has opened registration for the 2015 SIA Snow Show (Jan. 29-Feb. 1) at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center and the On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest at Copper Mountain Resort (Feb. 2-3). Complete registration details can be found at SIAsnowshow.com/register.

Each year, close to 20,000 snow sports retailers, reps, media and manufacturers gather to engage in business, network and feel the true essence of snow sports found only at the SIA Snow Show.

“The SIA Snow Show is the largest, most concentrated and authentic snow sports trade event where you can experience next season’s top fashion, gear innovations and industry-specific gatherings,” said Debbie DesRoches, director of trade show at SIA. “As the industry ramps up for the snow sports retail season, SIA is working hard to finalize details for all of the events and features that will make the Show an event not to be missed.”  

New for 2015, SIA will host its Industry + Intelligence day of free market intelligence, industry educational seminars and keynote inspiration on January 28 before the Show opens. Registration for this free opportunity will be available soon. For the 2015 On-Snow Demo/Ski-Ride Fest, a new registration pricing structure allows attendees to only pay for the Demo services they plan to use. The lowest cost option covers a 2-day lift ticket and the Monday happy hour for just $15. Click here for details on all On-Snow Demo registration pricing options.

“Now that registration for the SIA Snow Show is open, the excitement of the season ahead feels real,” said Bob Gundram, SIA board chairman and president of C3. “Since the last Show, the SIA board of directors has taken a lot of time to consider how to make the trade show even better for the industry and we’re very pleased with how the 2015 planning has come together.”

Pre-registered attendee badge pick-up will be streamlined this year - no barcodes needed- simply type in first, last name at registration kiosks and badges will be ready to print. On-site registration will open on Monday, January 26 with dedicated badge holder pick up areas at the Colorado Convention Center plus a new satellite registration booth at the Hyatt Regency Jan. 27-29.

“There is no way to recreate those first steps into the Colorado Convention Center on the opening morning of the Show,” said Todd Atkinson, Buchika’s Ski & Bike, Salem, NH. “The vibe is tremendous as the anticipation and excitement builds throughout the day.”

Early Bird Rates for lodging at the On-Snow Demo at Copper Mountain expire today, October 1. Reservations for SIA hotel blocks in Denver and at Copper Mountain can be made online at SIAsnowshow.com/hotels.

For more information on events, hotels/travel and brands exhibiting at the 2015 SIA Snow Show, go to: SIAsnowshow.com. For 24/7 updates on all things 2015 Snow Show, check SIA’s Latest and follow SIA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be sending highlights before and during the Show to keep you in the know. Use #SIA15, #SIA15intel and #SIA15demo to join the conversation.