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Global Surf Industries Launches New Scholarship Program

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Global Surf Industries is launching the Life Is Better When You Surf® Scholarship Program to promote the positive values around surfing and education.

The Life Is Better When You Surf® Scholarship Program will be awarding 30 kids, aged 10- 14 years old from across the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, $1,000 (to be used for educational purposes) and two surfboards to each scholarship recipient.

The idea behind the scholarship is to give back to the surfing community, cultivate the positive values of surfing and encourage academic involvement. The scholarships will be awarded to kids who exemplify that Life Is Better When You Surf®, rather than focusing on competitive achievements.

Mark Kelly, CEO and GSI Founder, says he wishes he started surfing earlier (he started when he was 30!!) so he wants to give kids that chance. “Education in and out of the water is so important that we want to encourage kids to progress in their surfing and at school.”

Applications are open for the USA citizens from September 18, 2017 – October 14, 2017 and successful applicants will be notified October 30, 2017. Applications for Australia and New Zealand citizens open late 2017.

Find out more or apply for the Life Is Better When You Surf® Scholarship Program - or email



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