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NRI President and CEO Relocating to U.S. Headquarters in California

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  • NRI President and CEO Peter McKenna

NRI Distribution celebrates the growing shift from a Canadian to a North American operation with President and CEO, Peter McKenna announcing plans to personally relocate closer to their American headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

NRI distribution, originally a Kamloops, BC niche third party logistics (3PL) organization is not so local anymore. With warehouses in Kamloops, Surrey, new developments in Eastern Canada, and now a significant footprint in Los Angeles, they are setting their sights on further expansion across the United States. NRI is putting their ‘people where their mouth is’ and following a hands-on approach to business development.

McKenna recognizes the US Market potential and is demonstrating his commitment to this new phase by relocating himself and his family to Los Angeles to oversee the operation. “I want to shift the power to our fastest growing market and ensure our culture is maintained. It’s important to lead by example in our commitment to our customers and co-workers,” said McKenna.

The Canadian division of NRI has been running for over 20 years, while the US operation has undergone substantial growth in the last 6 years. “Maintaining the same ‘NRI DNA’ throughout our organization is a top priority for us. Our US operation is growing like a weed and we have been managing it with just two people who have NRI history. It is a crucial period for us to take hold in the US and be established the same way in the States as we are in Canada. We believe that this starts with consistent leadership throughout,” said Ryan Dale-Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

“Our commitment to our clients takes precedence and paying special attention to our American development means we will feel like the same company in both countries and deliver the same exceptional service from every location,” said Dale-Johnson.

NRI is a 3PL with a consultative approach – providing scalable, variable-cost solutions to aspirational lifestyle brands across all channels of ecommerce, wholesale, retail and reverse logistics. With over 400,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space in Western Canada and 350,000 sq.ft across their Southern California locations, they plan on continuing expansion into Nevada and both Eastern USA and Canada.

To learn more about NRI and its plans for their American developments, please contact Ryan Dale-Johnson at



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