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Photos from Agenda

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  • Brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack created one of the industry's most successful companies of recent years - Herschel
  • Shaun Neff with the new Neff logo
  • Kevin Meehan of Volcom, EG Fratantaro of Sector 9, and Todd Hymel of Volcom
  • The WSL's Todd Kline, Paul Gomez of Progenex, Pat Tenore of RVCA and Evan Slater of Hurley
  • Jaci Schroeder and Kiki Prince of Roxy
  • Kyle McCarthy and Rick Petri of Lost, Mark and Blake Richards of Val Surf and the one and only Matt Biolos
  • Tom Ruiz in his new role at Salty Crew
  • Doug Palladini of Vans, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year
  • Mark Tinkess, Ryan Hitzel and Mike Mechling of Roark
  • It was so nice to see John Rainnie of Herschel, who is based at Herschel headquarters in Vancouver
  • Deanna Jackson of Billabong and Emma White Pryor of Ron Jon
  • John Wilson and Domonique Checkwood of Stance and Bobby and Ron Abdel of Jack's
  • Billabong's Nicole Andrade, Leigh Tonai of HIC, and Shannan North of Billabong
  • Jeff Fitzhugh in his new role at RAEN
  • Volcom's Dutch Schultz and Mike Magiera
  • O'Neill's Courtney Kincaid, Steve Ward, Casey Fleming with Agenda's Mike Carter. O'Neill did not have a booth at the show.
  • RVCA's Brian Cassaro, Eric Thomas and Bill Bettencourt
  • Billabong's Scott Hargreaves and Mike Wallace with Brian Farias of Farias Surf & Sport
  • Brian Dunlap and Kenny Hill of Matix
  • Tony Perez and Norb Garrett of TEN
  • Billabong had a big presence at the show
  • Quiksilver Global Creative Director Josh Rush
  • Quiksilver's new logo for its expanded Originals collection, which is aimed at select, top-of-the-pyramid acounts
  • A boardshort style from the expanded Quiksilver Originals collection
  • Dave Nash and Pete Censoplano of Sun Diego
  • RVCA Global GM Bill Bettencourt and Element Global GM Frank Voit
  • Dakine's new beer cooler
  • Quiksilver's Kamila Pilwein and Ted Li
  • Tyler Harms, Carly Osler, Matt Swift and Chris Bernard at the Tavik booth
  • Chico Bukovansky and Xandy Anderson of Dakine
  • Matt Biolos of Lost showing a board to Mark Richards of Val Surf
  • Vicki Redding of Vans, who is in charge of all apparel
  • Lyndon Cabellon and Kellen Roland of NTWRK, which handles U.S. sales for Herschel, Native and Brothers Marshall
  • Mike Makos of Toms holding court
  • Quiksilver reunion: Kent Stevens and Tom Holbrook now of Cova, Steve Tully of Neff, Vicky Latour Schwarzenbach and son, Emery, and Cova's Guy Stagman and Linda Stegman
  • Charie Anderson of Otis and Fung Lee of Mainland, which has stores in Central and Northern California
  • Bobby Lockhart and Kevin Via at the Sanuk booth
  • Mike Reilly, John Hunt and Taylor Whisenand of Quiksilver
  • Globe's booth celebrated the brand's heritage
  • Hurley's display for its new collaboration with the artist Cryptik. Hurley did not have a booth at the show.
  • Hurley's collaboration with the artist Cryptik
  • The Hex booth
  • Plants added a nice new touch in the registration area of the show
  • A Stance display
  • Dana Andrews, Jeff Andrews and Bill Gage of Metal Mulisha and Liam Ferguson
  • Vans marking its 50th anniversary at the entrance to the show
  • A game room on the show floor

A new round of trade shows kicked off Thursday with Agenda in Long Beach.

The show seemed fairly busy, and with several brands absent, the show floor felt fresh with several brands in new locations.

Hurley opted for a large display that featured a collaboration launching now in the marketplace instead of a sales booth, Salty Crew greatly expanded its booth and took the space on the show floor previously occupied by Depactus, and Obey Women’s was in a space near where Rip Curl has been in the past.

Billabong continued to have a very large presence in an anchor position.

We ran into lots of brand executives and retailers during the day and have photos in our slide show.



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