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Photos from Agenda Day 1

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  • Paul Naude and Chris Evans of Vissla - the resin art wall in the background was made by Paul
  • The Vissla board display
  • The Vissla Dream Steeple van
  • The Vissla shaping bay
  • D'Blanc's open display at Agenda
  • Nixon VP Sales NA Brian White and Co-Founder Chad DiNenna
  • Nixon's collaboration with Bones Brigade includes six watches available only in skate shops
  • A happy - and busy - Salty Crew team - CJ Hobgood, Jared Lane, Tom Ruiz
  • Jeff Pool of Adidas and Ryan Clements of The Boardr
  • Eric John of Laguna Surf & Sport, Mike Carter of Agenda, Leigh Tonai of HIC, Todd Stanley of Dakine
  • John Wilson of Stance and Raf Maes of Komono
  • Daven Pierce and Daniel Kasidi of Rastaclat
  • The Rastaclat NBA booth - the brand is introducing a collaboration with the league
  • Yasemin Hume, Pierre Senizergues and Susanne Dachgruber of Sole Technology
  • Brandy Farber, Mark Tinkess and Ryan Sirianni of Roark and Terry Strumpf of Spiritual Gangster
  • New Dakine CEO Ken Meidell
  • Travis Matsdorf of Neff, Josh Burch of Zumiez, Steve Tully of Neff
  • Wes Takeuchi of Wells Fargo, Sean Donovan of Journeymen and Kevin Sullivan of Wells Fargo
  • Shaun Neff of Neff and Debbie Anker Morris of Tilly's
  • D Nachani of Coastal Edge, and Henry Cosio and Jim Watson of Vans
  • The new Vans Ultra Range, with an athletic aesthetic, displayed on the outside of the booth
  • Joel Cooper of Lost, Kevin McSherry and LG Shaw of WRV, Rick Petri of Lost
  • The Vestal crew
  • Don Brown with the éS Everstitch
  • Enich Harris, who is producing a documentary about Andy Irons, and Jeff Booth of Sanuk
  • Marcelo Bengoechea and Justin Cote of Superbrand
  • Rob Sanderson, Goldcoast's inventory controller, with CEO Nate Coan
  • Gold Coast developed and built 125 custom vertical hanging racks for select skate retailers
  • Maria Contino of Rosenthal & Rosenthal
  • Colin O'Connor, Vicki Redding, Brian Genuser of Vans
  • Herschel showed its new outerwear at the show
  • James Appleby of etnies, Chiara Carozzi of Michelin and Rick Marmolijo of etnies with the new collaboration between the two companies
  • Noah Collins, Adam Walker and Seth Pulford of Sanuk
  • Sanuk has revived Smile Pass it On
  • New Sanuk imagery for Fall 2017
  • Timothy Nickloff of Incase and Kelly Cummings of Nixon
  • Don Dyer of D'Blanc
  • Agenda's Aaron Levant
  • Captain Fin's expanded space at the show
  • Bobby Abdel of Jack's with Eric John of Laguna Surf & Sport
  • Luis Calderin, formerly of Burton, who became a key part of Bernie Sanders success reaching younger voters, and Bliss Magazine Editor Joey Marshall
  • Chris Bernard of Tavik and John Dewey of Incase
  • Lyndon Cabellon of Hex and the newly engaged Brian Farias of Farias Surf
  • Carrie Piccolini of O'Neill and Bill Gage of Metal Mulisha
  • Shana Frahm and Per Welinder
  • Andy Vogt and John Heelan of Fox
  • Journal maker Denik again made the Agenda Show notebook and has custom projects with industry brands
  • The Skullcandy booth
  • Sanuk styles for fall and holiday
  • The Converse booth
  • The Flexfit display
  • An interesting display on the Agenda floor

Agenda kicked off Thursday in what could prove to be an interesting trade show season with several large industry brands not exhibiting at the both Agenda and Surf Expo.

The industry’s largest surf brands did not attend Agenda, including Billabong, Quiksilver, Volcom, Hurley, O’Neill and Rip Curl.

Trade shows often reflect the state of the market, and this market is incredibly challenged, with 2016 much harder than many expected.

Brands at all levels are making hard choices about where and how to spend money.

Their absence created an opportunity for smaller and younger brands to get prime real estate at the show and to spend more time with retailers, who typically get swept up in meetings with the big brands.


Paul Naude’s Stokehouse group was one of big winners that benefitted from the absence of the larger players.

In the area formerly held by Volcom, he and his team created an open, energetic experience for the company’s brands.

Vissla had a booth and brought the van from the Dream Steeple movie to display wetsuits. Vissla also sponsored a shaping bay, where shapers such as Travis Reynolds, Britt Merrick, Matt Kinoshita, Donald Brink, Timmy Patterson and Danny Hess worked.

Those shapers displayed boards as well, and Paul brought big wave boards from his extensive surfboard collection.

Sunglass brand D’Blanc also had a big, open display to showcase its new fashion-forward approach to the action sports market.


The area Stokehouse created became a magnet for conversation and interaction.

We also saw lots of retailers during the day including representatives from REI, Tilly’s, PacSun, Zumiez, Jack’s, Laguna Surf & Sport, Coastal Edge, WRV, Farias Surf, BC Surf and Sport, Active, Sun Diego and more.

While overall attendance looked to be down, we saw some very busy booths including at Vans, which was stacked with appointments and said it was their busiest Agenda ever. Adidas was also quite busy, as was Salty Crew, Roark, Sanuk, Stance, RVCA, Nixon, and others.

Newer brands like Corkcicle, Yeti and Rastaclat were also getting a lot of buyer attention at the show.

However we did talk to some retailers who were disappointed that the big brands, which account for a large portion of their sales, weren’t there, and felt the show thus wasn’t as effective.

We have photos from the show floor in our slide show.



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