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Photos from Agenda Miami

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  • Duvin trunks
  • Austin Duvall and Shaun O'Meara of Duvin
  • Jeff Pool of Adidas and Brian Kraus of Tilly's
  • Grant Morgan of Hurley, Erin Hawley and Brent Lantz of Volcom and Mark Simpson of Hurley
  • The Huf team - Jino Choi, Andy Ohlin, Tom Faukner, Keith Murray and Steve Meidroth
  • Role reversal - Susan Duvall of The Curl showing the line (for fun) at the Billabong booth
  • Lori Daly and Sammy Duvall of The Curl and Scott Bouchard of Billabong
  • Jenny Lee, Michelle Smith, Cape Capener of KR3W and Supra
  • The Hurley booth
  • Morgan Miller and Mike Makos of Toms
  • Brian Schaefer of Skatepark of Tampa
  • Danny Wray of Tilly's with Jim Watson and Todd Schweinbold of Vans
  • Dan Rogers of Asphalt Yacht Club
  • Erin Hawley and Lyndsey Roach of Volcom
  • A showing at the DC booth
  • The Element booth
  • Matt Davis, Sean Ciminesi and Mike Quinones of ourCaste
  • Matt Davis in action at ourCaste
  • Towel company Slowtide had an eye-catching booth at the front of the show - partners Kyle Spencer and Dario Phillips
  • The board area
  • A Vans display
  • Aaron Quigley at Captain Fin
  • Peter Gottschling and Dale Rhodes of Katin
  • Lost's Rick Petri, JP Pearson, Victoria Watson and Joel Cooper
  • The Roark booth
  • A showing at the RVCA booth
  • Entrance to the show

We stopped by Agenda Miami Monday to see how the new show is developing.

The floor had been rearranged this time around with clear areas for surf, skate, fashion and street, and some bigger brands such as Billabong and Hurley joined the lineup.

The consensus from those I talked to was that the first day was fairly slow as far as retailer attendance, but there was hope that Tuesday would be busier because many of the swim shows wrapped up Monday.

We have photos of who we saw during the day in our slide show.





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