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Photos from Surf Expo

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  • CJ Hobgood, who just ended his surfing career at the Billabong Pipe Masters, showing the line at the busy Salty Crew booth
  • Captain Fin CEO Danny Gillis and new VP of Sales Aaron Quigley
  • Kelly Slater's new Slater Designs brand, which uses Firewire technology
  • Luke Egan, Lawrance Quigley and Craig Stevenson of Depactus
  • Roxy and Quiksilver had a big, eye-catching booth at the show
  • The always beautiful Mandy Fry of Amuse Society
  • Rob Machado with his Firewire boards
  • People flocked to Rob Machado at the show
  • Scott Anderson of Channel Islands
  • Vissla's Rob McCarty, Paul Naude, Vinnie de la Pena and Richard Sanders
  • Vissla debuted its first full wetsuit line. Vissla's wetsuits have been a surprise hit despite the warm water.
  • Jeff Glik of Glik's with a pair of Freewaters shoes
  • Jeff Moore, Mike Matey and Shea Perkins of Reef were just passing through
  • Roark's Mike Mechling, Ryan Hitzel and Brandy Farber and their cougar
  • Carrie Piccolini and Steve Ward of O'Neill and Sammy Duvall of The Curl
  • Mark Price of Firewire
  • Brian White - not Tyson White - of Nixon
  • I found these long time former colleagues catching up - Craig Stevenson, formerly of Quiksilver, now with Depactus, and Greg Healy, President of Quiksilver
  • Kent Stevens, Tom Holbook and Guy Stagman of Cova
  • Team Vans: Lance Eddy, Ryan Clasen, Jim Watson, Henry Cosio and Todd Schweinbold
  • O'Neill had a busy booth that spanned the aisle
  • Kelly Gibson of Rip Curl
  • Mike Matey, Eric Gigler and Tom Cooke of Reef
  • John Gothard of Freewaters
  • Scott Baldwin, Mike Reilly, Ted Li and Taylor Whisenand of Quiksilver
  • Shaun Tomson, PT and Ian Cairns who were on hand to talk about their movie Bustin' Down the Door
  • Sean O'Brien of Prana and John Vance of Freewaters
  • Sean Smith and Nick Borrelli of SIMA
  • Dylan Slater and PJ Elbing of Rip Curl
  • John Sherwood of Globe and Dave Boven of Keystone Skate Supply
  • The shaping bay on the show floor
  • D'Blanc's collaboration with Beach Riot
  • Rob Riese and Don Dyer of D'Blanc in front of a collaboration with Vissla
  • Nina Pechonis and Bruce Cromartie of BC Surf & Sport
  • Paul Harvey of Rip Curl and Bill McCaffray of Alliance Wake
  • Rip Curl's new Flashbomb Plus wetsuit, which combines fast drying and extra stetch properties
  • The Roark booth

Surf Expo, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, got off to a busy start Thursday in Orlando with lots of industry brands, executives and retailers in attendance.

It was nice to see brands like Channel Islands there for the first time in years, and one of the biggest surprises of the day was at the Salty Crew booth.

Partner CJ Hobgood, who just retired from the pro tour, was very busy showing the line to retailers. I had figured he would be shaking hands and kissing babies in his new role, but the Salty Crew team said he is the Florida rep and has jumped in with both feet in his new role.

We also learned that Aaron Quigley is the new VP of Global Sales at Captain Fin, having previously worked at Neff and Oakley.

Firewire, now majority-owned by Kelly Slater, debuted Kelly's new Slater Designs boards and had Rob Machado at the show, who was showcasing his new Firewire/Rob Machado boards.

Vissla also debuted its first full wetsuit line at the show. Vissla decided to expand its wetsuit offering due to high demand, according to the Vissla team.

We have lots of photos of who we saw during the day in our slide show.



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