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Photos from Zumiez 100K Extravaganza

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  • The Top 5 sales people at Zumiez in 2017, left to right: No. 1 Kelly Sanders, $1,002,273; No. 2 Micah Barre, $737,114; No. 3 Whitney Dinville, $617,867; No. 4 Natasha Treuman, $597,923; No. 5 Delgerzaya Tsengelmaa, $573,218.
  • No. 1 Kelly Sanders in front of just some of the many prizes she won.
  • Adidas created a custom shoe for every store employee.
  • Giving away Adidas shoes during check in
  • Zumiez provided antacids and aspirin to employees at check in.
  • The main celebration program started with Q&As with brand founders.
  • A store employee taking a photo of her name and amount sold during the year. The posters list the employees from every region who qualified for the trip.
  • Zumiez creates funny posters for the event that incorporate the faces of upper store management.
  • Zumiez SVP/GMM Jim Bob Hume and CEO Rick Brooks
  • Zumiez's Buying Directors Jon Folk and Melissa George at the snow demo
  • No. 1 Kelly Sanders playing a game at the snow demo.
  • CEO Rick Brooks pacing during the show rehearsal.
  • The Zumiez leadership team watching a rehearsal of the show.
  • Mike West of 686 at the snow demo
  • Mike West gave snowboard lessons during the snow demo - Photo courtesy of 686
  • Cathy Barnett, Zumiez VP of Digital Sales and Marketing, Paul Lisicki, VP of Omni Operations and Development, and Lesley Puhrmann, Group Manager for Digital Sales and Marketing
  • Zumiez took over the mountain house at Keystone for the employee welcome party.
  • The snow demo
  • Zumiez CFO Chris Work with Zhalen Gluth from Fast Times in Australia and Kate Craig of Zumiez. Zumiez acquired Fast Times in 2016.
  • Shepard Fairey on stage with No. 4 Natasha Treuman, who sold $597,923. Shepard gave her an original piece of art and a trip to his next art show.
  • Zumiez Founder Tom Campion
  • The Top 10 on stage
  • Vans created this trailer for No. 1 Kelly Sanders.
  • The Volcom crew gave No. 5 Delgerzaya Tsengelmaa, who sold $573,218, a VIP trip to the X Games.
  • Whitney Dinville, No. 3, who sold $617,867, won a trip to London, where he has always wanted to go.
  • Brian White of Nixon with Adam Wright of Zumiez
  • Dave Rosenberger of Element, Kate Craig of Zumiez, and David Brooks of Element
  • The team from Tobe, a consumer culture and creative think tank that is working with Zumiez - Jolie Mittleman, Hannah Polskin, Leslie Ghize
  • The Odd Future lounge during the snow demo for those who didn't want to snowboard
  • Video games in the Odd Future lounge
  • Ryan O'Connor of Rip N Dip, one of the most popular brands at Zumiez at the moment
  • Sammi Ryan of By Sammi Ryan with Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds
  • Zumiez's SVP/GMM Jim Bob Hume with North America President Troy Brown
  • Supra co-founder Scott Bailey, now a Zumiez board member, and Brian Garofalow of Element
  • Zumiez and Vans - Doug Palladini, Josh Burch, Ryan Clasen, Mitch Whitaker, Stuart Martin, Brian Cook, Henry Cosio, Sarah Haworth
  • Dark Seas Founder Adrian Lopez, right, talking to a Zumiez employee at the bar the brand sponsored
  • Zumiez's Andy Espenel and Sean Toomey
  • A Zumiez team taking a photo with Mikey Alfred of Illegal Civilization, left
  • John Wilson and Domonique Checkwood of Stance
  • Artist Collective's Chris Tagge handed out $2 bills at the bar the Artist Collective sponsored
  • Agenda's Christine Warren and Jessica Bertucci having fun on the "throne" the No. 1 sales person was carried into the ceremony on
  • Nick Sacks of Sector 9, RP Bess of Pro Tech, Bob Tanner of Sector 9
  • Bobby Hundreds talking to a fan at the party
  • Zumiez invited a few select brands to have booths at the party.
  • Jason Acuna, Aaron Quigley and GT of Von Zipper with Josh Friedberg of ISF
  • Bob Carlson of Arbor with Dave Rosenberger of Element
  • Kellen Roland of Herschel and Brian White of Nixon
  • RVCA's Kevin Meehan and Brian Cassaro, Josh Burch of Zumiez, and Jonathan McCabe and Eric Thomas of RVCA
  • Posing for photos with Lil Mayo, an alien that's an internet star
  • Posing for photos with Zumiez Founder Tom Campion
  • DC sponsored a skate ramp at the party
  • No. 3 Whitney Dinville having fun on the dance floor with his crew from NYC
  • Blue Tomato Founder Gerfried Schuller
  • No. 1 Kelly Sanders in purple jersey invited her team up on stage to celebrate with her
  • The Vans team posing for photos with Kelly after presenting her with a Vans trailer

SES spent two days this week at the Zumiez 100k extravaganza in Keystone, Colorado, the annual event that celebrates the top Zumiez sales teams from across the country.

All those who earn the right to attend get access to lots of parties, free swag, a day of snowboarding and other recognition. The top tier receive the most awards including trips to London, Austria, Mexico, the X Games in Aspen, and Los Angeles, courtesy of industry brands.

No. 1 Kelly Sanders, who works at the Mall of America store, sold over $1 million worth of goods in 2017. She won a restored Mercedes from Converse, a decked out trailer from Vans, a snowmobile from Adidas, and tons of other gifts.

Zumiez goes all out in putting on the 100k party for the nearly 1,200 sales and store teams that attend, including an entertaining show that incorporates hilarious videos featuring high ranking store leaders in music video parodies and silly contests for employees being recognized.

A party after the formal program included booths from emerging brands, a skate ramp sponsored by DC, and performances by DJ Marshmello, H09909 and Lil Uzi Vert.


Industry leaders turn out to support the event and mingle with store employees. This year, the format was different for brand founders.

Before, brand founders were brought out on stage during the ceremony to say a few words to the crowd. The “Founder Parade” grew longer and longer as Zumiez has added more brands to its mix.

Zumiez changed things up this year to give brands more opportunity to interact with store employees. Several brands sponsored bars at the event and founders talked with employees during the party. Others hosted special programming for the snow demo – Mike West, the founder of 686, taught snowboard lessons, for example. Zumiez also introduced three moderated panels with brand founders before the main celebration.

We have photos from the two days above in our slide show.

We also spent a lot of time with top Zumiez leaders and will have stories to come from our conversations and observations during the event.




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