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Photos from Zumiez 100K party

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  • Atiba Jefferson of Skateboard Mag, Steve Hernandez of Baker Boys and Chad DiNenna of Nixon
  • KB of DVS, Shaun Neff of Neff and Shepard Fairey of Obey
  • Chris Borders of Dark Seas and Loser Machine, Bod Boyle of Dwindle, and Don Juncal and Mike Ternosky of Obey
  • Lots of important skaters were at the party
  • Pete Saari of Mervin and Josh Burch of Zumiez
  • Skater Riley Hawk and Derek Richardson of Tony Hawk Inc.
  • Tony Vitello of Thrasher, Geoff Rowley, and Justin Regan of Vans
  • Matt Dronkers and Steve Brudzewski of Electric Family with Zumiez CEO Rick Brooks
  • Skaters Lou Barletta and Jamie Thomas
  • So good to see these guys - Ryan Clements, Jorge Angel and Rob Meronek of The Boardr
  • Eric Crane of Electric and David Stoddard of Brixton
  • Peter Stoddard and Jason Young of Brixton
  • Tal Cooperman of Resqwater and Yea Nice and Scott Bailey who is enjoying "retirement" after selling KR3W and Supra. He is also consulting with companies and helping several non-profits these days.
  • The Vans team: Adam Brown, Kelly Murnaghan, Kevin Bailey, Henry Cosio, Sandy Schwarzenbach, Ryan Clasen
  • The one and only Tom Campion, founder of Zumiez
  • No. 1 Zumiez salesman Daniel Bovee during the award presentation
  • The big finish
  • Stuart Martin, Stephanie Savage, Sara Lentz and Shane Deegan of Zumiez
  • Ronnie Brim, Eric Thomas of RVCA, Aaron Vujicic of Neff and Brian Dunlap of Matix
  • Jim Bob Hume of Zumiez, and Mike Magiera and Gene Piccotti of Volcom
  • Christian Hosoi, Troy Brown of Zumiez, Malcolm McCassy of Ethika
  • Brad Alband of KR3W
  • Brian Cook of Vans, Clayton and Blake McCune of Brixton and Airblaster and Lance Eddy of Vans
  • Greg Bergen of Arbor, Snowy Lonsway of Electric, Kevin Meehan of Volcom
  • Mike Carter of Agenda and Mike West of 686
  • Tom Faukner of Huf and Travis Matsdorf of Neff
  • Ryan Turley and Matt Patti of Arbor and Aaron Vujicic of Neff
  • Kevin Winkel from Zumiez
  • Brian White of Nixon
  • They made me do it - Tiffany Montgomery of SES and GT of Von Zipper - Photo by Eric Thomas
  • Steve Van Doren and the Vans team on stage to give away a 1966 Mustang
  • Lief Storer of Boombotix and Kate Craig of Zumiez
  • Scott Farnsworth of Skullcandy
  • Andy Beaumarchais of DC and Jeff Pool of Adidas
  • Bryan Grismer of Focused Space
  • Ronnie Brim with Jim Shubin of DVS
  • Some of the loot awarded to No. 1 salesman Daniel Bovee. Brands provide the prizes.
  • Gary Bone of Take 5 Trading and Tom Faukner of Huf
  • Posters lined the hallways that listed the names and amounts sold of the top sales people
  • A proud Zumiez employee taking photos of the sales leaders names

The industry turned out last night for Zumiez’s annual 100K party in Keystone, Colorado, which honors the top sales people from stores in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Industry executives, brand founders, athletes and Zumiez employees mingled during the night as the company honored the No. 1 salesman – Daniel Bovee, who works in the Zumiez store on 34th Street in New York City.

Daniel sold $773,910 worth of goods in 2015. The brands showered him with gifts, including trips to London and Japan, thousands of dollars in cash, and a 1966 Mustang from Vans.

In a sign of the tough retail climate, the No. 1 sales amount was down from the $1 million range last year.

We have lots of photos from the evening in our slide show.

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