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SIA Research Update — What's Coming Out This Year

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  • These and other research products are available to SIA members this season
  • Nick Sargent, President, SIA

SIA Research - Leading the Winter Sports Industry

You need the knowledge and information to decide your company's best direction and trajectory. Be informed with cutting-edge, detailed research from SIA.

SIA is the business of winter - leading the industry and helping our members get the most out of SIA's Research and Membership. Here is a view of what's to come this season:

  • Custom Research Services - SIA Research can do what any in-house market research team does for you, except cost you a lot of money. We can design a research program that will give your company the competitive edge in the snow sports and outdoors markets.
  • The SIA Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report - The SIA Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report is the most comprehensive snow sports reference tool available to snow sports industry professionals; perfect for presentations, writing business plans, research and overall industry knowledge. 
  • State of the Market Reports - Each month from August to May, SIA updates this presentation on the state of the snow sports market. This high level presentation, provided to members in either .pdf or .ppt formats, summarizes trends, participation, and snow sports market data.
  • The SIA Snow Sports Consumer Identity Book - The Consumer Identity Book contains 28 descriptive and statistical snow sports consumer profiles including demographics and psychographics of Downhill Skiers, Snowboarders and Nordic Skiers.
  • SIA Wholesale Sales and Orders Surveys - The Sales and Orders surveys measure end of season wholesale sales and pre-season orders at the top line (not brand) level in snow sports hard goods categories. Use the total market data provided in the reports and your own sales figures to calculate your market share – not only at the highest level but down to the product type and price point levels. 
  • The Snow Sports Consumer Journey Series - A series of surveys that reveal the journey customers take when purchasing ski and snowboard equipment. General report and reports by brand available for alpine boots, alpine skis and snowboards.
  • The Qualitative History of Snow Sports Weather and Participation - This report began as a diary of winter kept by SIA’s Research Director for internal use and reference. Seasons tend to blur together in the rear view mirror, this diary helped provide quick reference to past seasons.
  • The SIA Snow Sports Participant Report -  In its tenth year, the SIA Participant Report is the definitive survey of snow sports participant counts, crossover between all snow sports disciplines and more than 100 other physical activities, and snow sports participants’ demographic data. 
  • The SIA Snow Sports Rental Equipment Report - Each season, SIA surveys rental equipment buyers to determine trends in the rental market, changes in intent to buy, preferred brands, rental inventory size, and rental buyer contact information.

Learn More About SIA Research

SIA Members receive select SIA Research at no additional cost! Learn more about SIA Membership HERE.

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