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Surf Expo: 2018 East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

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  • Bill Johnson, photo courtesy of Mez/ESM
  • David Nuckles, photo courtesy of Dugan/ESM
  • Ben Bourgeois, photo courtesy of Wilson
  • Debra Swaney, photo courtesy of Swaney
  • Mickey McCarthy, photo courtesy of Dugan/ESM
  • David Carson, photo courtesy of Carson
  • Greg Mesanko, photo courtesy of Mez/ESM
  • Kevin Grodin, photo courtesy of Mez/ESM
  • Skill Johnson, photo courtesy of Bill Wise
  • Scott Busbey, photo courtesy of Mez/ESM
  • Ford Alexander Hume, ECSHOF file photo

The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inductees were announced at Surf Expo in September.

The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation of the history and heritage of East Coast Surfing and to enshrine forever the people who have been responsible for its development and growth, and to preserve, protect and record the legacy and historically valuable lore of East Coast Surfing. The Induction ceremony will be held at Surf Expo in January.

The inductees appear in the slide show above.



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