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Surf Expo to add Preview Days for spring order windows

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  • Roy Turner, SVP, Show Director of Surf Expo - Photo courtesy of Surf Expo

We followed up with Roy Turner, SVP, Show Director, Surf Expo to find out more about the new Preview Days Surf Expo is adding on June 22-23 2016 in Orlando.

There has been lots of news with industry trade shows recently. Agenda announced earlier this month that is moving its New York show in January 2016 to Miami.

Roy answered some questions for us about the new addition.

Why do the preview days?

Roy Turner: Simply out of the needs and requests from the surf segment of our audience on both the manufacturer and retail attendee side.


Why do those dates work?

Roy Turner: The dates are positioned at the front of the spring line launch season for surf exhibitors and will allow key surf retailers the opportunity to efficiently see all major brands under one roof to take care of their order needs and get back to their stores to focus on the summer retail season with most of their spring 2016 orders in place.

The window also offers brands the opportunity for at-once orders, being just prior to the July 4th holiday, which is so important to East Coast and Puerto Rican accounts.

Where will the preview days be held? At a hotel? Convention center? 

Roy Turner: Preview Days will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Prebuilt booths will be provided offering an efficient and affordable solutions to exhibitors.


The preview day concept is not new to the Surf Expo audience. For years major surf brands have worked key accounts in a more relaxed atmosphere prior to our official show opening. We will love to recreate this feel focusing on spring order offerings.

In the past if I recall correctly, Surf Expo tried to move show dates earlier and it was hard for retailers to get away from stores during the busy summer season. Are there any concerns on that front?

Roy Turner: We have tried to accommodate date patterns for all sections of our show and our current September dates fall perfectly in the launch of summer lines as well as wrap up business for spring for the watersports and beach resort markets we currently service.  We are not moving Surf Expo, simply providing a hybrid event that complements a particular customer segment.

Will the full Surf Expo show still be held in September next year? 

Roy Turner: Yes definitely. Our September show continues to be recognized as one of the top 50 fastest growth shows in the U.S. Surf Expo's September show is geared at the summer business of multiple board sport categories including surf, wake, kite, skate, wind and SUP as well as, swim, footwear, gift and resort categories.

Our dates work for East Coast accounts looking to book future orders post Labor Day, which is important to many East Coast and Caribbean buyers.



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