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Swim Collective Trend Report

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  • Mary Rundle, CJ Gibson and Siri Cota showing Body Glove's line
  • Tilly's Buyers Donna Pesce, Rylee Bennett and Melissa Dickinson checking out the Body Glove line
  • Model Paris Nichole shows Body Glove's 80s retro-inspired line
  • RVCA Women's Sales Director Jaclyn Schroeder said that one-pieces with bold branding is a popular trend for the season
  • Sabrina O'Neal in a high-cut RVCA bikini
  • Muted, natural tones are popular for Spring 2018
  • Beach Riot highlighted a high-cut one-piece
  • The L*Space booth remained packed throughout the day
  • Hurley brought women's swim back in-house for Spring 2018. Model: Lindsey Gallagher
  • Hurley's line features swimwear and apparel that can be worn in and out of the water
  • Eriko Mettler, Merchandise Manager for VIX, said that one-pieces that can double as bodysuits are leading for Spring '18
  • VIX designs swimwear with natural colors and fine details
  • Angi Hart showing Tori Praver's line to Nicole Kozlowski and Kathy Oh of Carbon 38
  • Racquelle Lawrence in a high-cut Tori Praver bikini
  • Kaohs Owner Ali Hoffmann
  • Kaohs' line highlights high-cut one-pieces and bikinis
  • Lira Marketing Coordinator Allie Imai, Alessandra Giannavola, Marli Jenkins of Splash Hawaii, Katrina Go of Splash Hawaii, and Amelia Renaud of Lira
  • Alessandra Giannavola in Lira's top-selling one-piece
  • Issa De' Mar Owners Marissa Eveland and Melissa Jasniy
  • Gwen Pavlick, West Coast Sales and Sales Manager for Issa De' Mar
  • Abril Centurion in an Issa De' Mar one-piece
  • Issa De' Mar strives to meet fashion with function. This top has three points of adjustability
  • Seea Global Accounts Manager Summer Nelson showing the line to Anita Barron of Swim Outlet
  • Seea team rider Karina Rozunko in a vintage-style bikini
  • Chelsea Smith and Tasia Skochil showing Spiritual Gangster's anniversary swim line
  • Rhythm Sales Rep. Malena Steris-Lyles and Designer/Women's Brand Manager Daniella Ciano
  • Rhythm designer Daniella Ciano ties the patterned and solid prints together so consumers can mix and match their swimwear
  • Maaji Sales Rep. Mie Manniche shows the Spring 18 collection
  • Elle Mer merges high-quality fabrics with high functionality. This suit worn by Brianna Barnes has a built in bandeau and is UPF 50
  • Elle Mer features these high-cut, neon, 80s style bottoms
  • Corilynn Duddridge of Carve Designs shows the season's highlights
  • Koa Swim's line features muted tones seen throughout the show
  • Kulani Kinis Owners Dani Atkins and Alexander Babich
  • Kulanis Kinis offer a variety of cuts, patterns and colors at a reasonable price-point
  • Shanon Martin featuring Chaser's top story for the season

Swim Collective is taking place this week at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach. 

Over 200 brands are showing their Spring 2018 lines to buyers from around the country. 

Opening day of the show was busy, with many of the booths full throughout the day. 

We spoke with many brands and noticed a few big trends for the upcoming spring:

One-pieces: One-piece swimwear is a staple in most of the lines we saw. Brands such as Maaji, Lira, Blue Life and VIX stated that one-pieces that can double as bodysuits are great sellers.


Retro 80s, or French-cut, one-pieces as seen in Body Glove, Kulani Kinis, Kaohs, Issa De' Mar and Beach Riot's lines are also making a combeack. As seen with RVCA and Chaser, one-pieces with bold graphics and branding are also popular for Spring 2018. 

High-cut bottoms: High-cut bottoms, often with a thin strap, are the leading trend for bikini bottoms for Spring 2018. RVCA, Body Glove, Tori Praver, Elle Mer and Issa De' Mar all highlighted their French-cut bottoms as key pieces for the season. 

Fashion meets function: Non-traditional surf brands are creating swimwear that is both fashionable and functional, giving women more options to have swimwear that not only looks good, but stays on in the water as well.

Seea has created a vintage-looking line that aims to combine functionality with femininity.

Carve Designs creates swimwear for active women of all body types.


Elle Mer, which is based in Hawaii, focuses on creating high-quality swimwear that stays on in the water as well as provides sun protection.

Issa De' Mar also focuses on designing high-fashion, high-quality suits that will stay on in the water. The majority of their tops have three points of adjustability to ensure the best fit possible. 

Traditional surf brands such as Hurley and Body Glove continued to design suits that stay on in the water and have also stepped up their style.

Check out photos from the show and upcoming styles for Spring 2018 in the slideshow above.


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