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Vans Park Series Official 2017 World Championships of Park Terrain Skateboarding to Broadcast Live

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The official park terrain skateboarding world title race comes to a head on September 23 in the world-famous Bund waterfront area in central Shanghai, China at the 2017 Vans Park Series (VPS) World Championships. The VPS World Championships will match skateboarding’s elite pros against select continental champions to present the greatest showcase of men’s and women’s park terrain skateboarding talent the world has ever seen in a custom designed and purpose-built, VPS-certified park terrain competition course. International media are encouraged to register now at

For the first time ever, the VPS World Championships pro field, determined by the cumulative results of five exclusive men’s VPS Pro Tour global qualifiers and a single women’s global qualifier event across a thrilling competitive season spanning five countries and six months, will meet an open field of select VPS Continental Champions in Shanghai, bringing together the world’s best skateboarders for a final showdown event to crown the official men’s and women’s VPS World Champions of Park Terrain Skateboarding and establish next year’s elite VPS Pro Tour class.

Another milestone in the global competitive sport organization of park terrain skateboarding occurred in Singapore this past weekend with the official crowning of the world’s first VPS Asia Continental Champions, Kensuke Sasaoka (JPN) and Kihana Ogawa (JPN) to conclude the final 2017 VPS World Championships qualifier event. Both Sasaoka and Ogawa secure their tickets to compete with the pros in Shanghai, representing for their region alongside fellow continental champions in the single, winner-take-all world title contest and their chance to earn a coveted spot on next year’s VPS Pro Tour circuit.

The official 2017 VPS World Championships of park terrain skateboarding will be broadcast live from Shanghai on RED BULL TV and on September 23. To see the full list of 2017 results and information on how to enter or watch live, download the free Vans Park Series iOS app now or visit Vans Park Series online


Men’s Results

1. Kensuke Sasaoka (JPN)

2. Akira Tanaka (JPN)

3. Makoto Nishikawa (JPN)

Women’s Results

1. Kihana Ogawa (JPN)

2. Sky Brown (JPN)

3. Sakura Yosozumi (JPN)


Select Pros

Alex Sorgente

Ben Hatchell

Cory Juneau

Curren Caples

Greyson Fletcher

Ishod Wair

Ivan Federico

Jack Fardell

Kevin Kowalksi

Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg

Pedro Barros

Raven Tershy

Ronnie Sandoval

Tour Challengers

Tom Schaar

Karl Berglind

Murilo Peres

Willy Lara

Tristan Rennie

CJ Collins

Roman Pabich

Continental Champions

Bowman Hansen (NZL)

Rune Gliberg (DNK)

Patrick Ryan (USA)

Kensuke Sasaoka (JPN)

TBD (Africa)


Select Pros

Brighton Zeuner

Jordyn Barratt

Kisa Nakamura

Tour Challengers

Nora Vasconcellos

Bryce Wettstein

Kody Tamanaha

Grace Marhoefer

Hanna Zanzi

Lizzie Armanto

Yndiara Asp

Continental Champions

Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS)

Amelia Brodka (POL)

Dora Varella (BRA)

Kihana Ogawa (JPN)

TBD (Africa)


World Championships*

Shanghai, China

September 23

Broadcasted Live in English, Portuguese, and Mandarin

Pro Tour*

Huntington Beach, USA

August 5

Vancouver, Canada**

July 8

Malmö, Sweden**

May 27

Serra Negra, Brazil**

April 8

Sydney, Australia**

March 4

Continental Championships

Asia Championships


August 19

Americas Championships

Huntington Beach, USA

August 1

Europa Championships

Malmö, Sweden

May 26

Oceania Championships

Sydney, Australia

March 5

Africa Championships

Location TBA

Date TBA

*Broadcasted live on RED BULL TV

**Men’s-only event

Download the official Vans Park Series iOS App for free or stay tuned to the Vans Park Series online for final athlete and event confirmations, and more information on the VPS World Tour events as the series continues.



The 2017 Vans Park Series Pro Tour is the premier series for professional park terrain skateboarders consisting of five men’s global qualifiers and one women’s global qualifier spanning five countries over six months and culminating with the official Vans Park Series World Championships. The men’s and women’s park terrain skateboarding 2017 Vans Park Series World Championships are sanctioned by the International Skateboarding Federation and will be held September 23 in Shanghai, China.

Known for its unrivaled combination of speed, style, flow, amplitude and creativity, park terrain is the fastest growing discipline in competitive skateboarding today. The Vans Park Series is the defining event series for global competitive park terrain skateboarding and the first and only point system culminating in the official ISF-sanctioned park terrain skateboarding select National, Continental and World Championships for men and women.

Showcasing an international roster of skateboarding’s elite pros and a total prize purse in excess of $500,000(USD), the Vans Park Series uniquely defines the park terrain format with its exclusive points system, judging guidelines and qualifying park terrain course criteria. RED BULL TV is the official Vans Park Series 2017 Men’s Pro Tour media partner. Additional information and live Webcast details will be available on the official Vans Park Series iOS app and online

Follow the Vans Park Series on social media or sign up online now for the latest information on Vans Park Series event details, elite pros, official sanctions and competition formats.



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