Billabong buys Becker's 5 stores and online operation

Dave Hollander

Billabong International Limited announced this afternoon it has bought Southern California-based Becker Surf and Sport, including its robust ecommerce site, but not Becker Surfboards.

Becker has five stores – in Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Encinitas and Mission Viejo. In addition, it recently opened Becker SUP, a SUP dedicated store in Mission Viejo.

Derek O'Neill, Paul NaudeThe acqusition continues Billabong’s investment in retail, and its quest to ensure there is a healthy, compelling and viable path for consumers to buy its goods.

Billabong also owns the Quiet Flight and Beach Works chains, and online retailer, among other retailers.

All told, the company reported it owned 360 stores around the world in its most recently released financial results.

(Above: Billabong CEO Derek O’Neill and North America President Paul Naude. Shop-eat-surf file photo.)

Here’s the release:

Billabong to acquire Becker Surf and Sport

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, 26 May 2010: Billabong International Limited today announced it has reached agreement to acquire the Southern California surf retailer Becker Surf and Sport.

The acquisition includes Becker’s five brick and mortar retail stores and the online business, but does not include the Becker Surfboards arm of the business.

Billabong North America president, Paul Naude, said Becker is an iconic surf retailer and holds a distinguished place in the surf industry.

“Becker is a name that has been synonymous with surf since the 1970s and, as both a brand and a retailer, it has helped shape Californian surf culture,” said Mr Naude.

“Billabong looks forward to preserving the Becker heritage and growing the speciality boardsports retail channel to ensure premium brands can continue to deliver an authentic experience to the end consumer.”

Dave Hollander, co-founder and president of Becker, said Billabong and Becker had a mutual respect for one another’s place in the industry and a shared vision about the future of surf retailing.

“Paul and I have been friends for years and we have always discussed the future of the industry and boardsports retailing and have a common goal to ensure specialty retail remains intact,” he said.

“We were looking for a strong partner to take the Becker brand to the next level and Billabong is a perfect fit.

“Billabong, through Paul, understood that we wanted to keep the surfboard name and manufacturing. They understood how important it was to keep that part of our heritage in the families that have owned it for 30 years.

“That was a big deal for us and few others would have understood the dynamics of this in relation to the big Becker picture.”

Becker Surf and Sport and the online business will both continue to operate as multi-branded retailers.

The acquisition price was not disclosed.

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