VIDEO: Tony Hawk's business wisdom

VIDEO: Tony Hawk's business


Here are a few more short clips of Tony Hawk’s talk with SDSI Chairman Bill Walton at the SDSI investor forum.


In the first, Bill asks where and how Tony continues to find his motivation. In the second clip, Tony talks about how he juggles all the demands on his time. And in the third clip, he shares his feelings about skateboarding in the Olympics.







On page 2: How Tony manages his busy life





Businesses centered, literally, around skating


Bill Walton said after reading Tony Hawk’s book, “How I got here,” he was amazed by the “staggering, endless list of things you’re involved in. Give us the rundown.”





See Page 3 for Tony’s opinion on skateboarding in the Olympics

Skate and the Olympic Games

Bill Walton noted Fernando Aguerre in the crowd and Fernando’s push to get surfing admitted as an Olympic Games sport. Then Bill asked Tony what he thinks about skateboarding and the Olympics.





Click here to see other clips, including Tony on building a skate brand and on maintaining authenticity while selling to Kohl’s.


Click here to see the more from Tony, including the importance of keeping control of your brand and on how Tony visualizes success in planning new tricks and new businesses.

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