Tavik founder on sale to Incipio

Tavik founder on sale to


We followed up with Erik Paulsen, the founder of Tavik, about the announcement yesterday that he has sold the company to Incipio, a mobile device accessories company.


We asked him why he thinks it’s a good move and what’s next for Tavik.


A mobile device company and an apparel company don’t seem like a natural fit. Can you explain some of the thinking behind the deal?

Given the current retail landscape and the importance of social media and technology in the consumer purchasing process, we wanted to be proactive about reaching our consumer where they are engaged. What better way to do this than to team up with a company that is dominating the tech and mobile device accessory space?


Erik PaulsenTavik Founder Erik Paulsen

The consumer that purchases a TAVIK retro boardshort or a women’s swimsuit is also looking to outfit their mobile phone or iPad. Apparel and consumer electronic accessories are vehicles of self-expression, so we will now have an additional touch point with our consumer.


Incipio will support TAVIK in producing everything from iPhone and iPad cases to backpacks and headphones. Considering our roots in music, this was a big plus! We will also be delving into the App world. As online purchases from mobile phones continue to increase, we want to be available to our customer and engage them with the brand through a personalized experience.


What will change for Tavik?

The changes for TAVIK deal largely with the back-end. For example, everything will be warehoused in one building allowing us to streamline operations and deliver timely shipments.


We recently moved into Incipio’s beautiful, new 160,000 square foot building in Irvine, so we have a lot more space to work and create. Beyond this, we will have the resources to hire new people and focus on design and marketing. We will also have access to larger retail opportunities.


How hard has it been to keep Tavik, a young brand, going during the downturn?

It has definitely been a challenge, but thankfully key retailers worked with us and gave TAVIK the ability to continue building the brand. On top of this, our vendors have been patient and have supported us through numerous challenges.


How comfortable do you feel with your new partners?

We feel very comfortable with our new partner Incipio. We worked with them over the past few months on a product collaboration and were able to get to know their team inside and out. They are ethical, hard-working, intelligent people that have a passion for what they do and for creating quality, stylish products for those driven by music, fashion and technology. It was a very natural union.


What’s next for Tavik?

We are really focusing on growth, both nationally and internationally, and deepening our relationships with retailers. We will also be launching into new product categories such as women’s apparel, which we will create in-house, mobile accessories, and more.


We have already started hiring to fill a few key positions, more on that to come, and are looking to expand our team with a women’s designer and a product developer. Beyond this, we will be launching all new marketing initiatives to focus and strengthen the brand.



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