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Shaun Neff. Shop-eat-surf file photo.


I always have the best talks with Neff CEO Shaun Neff when I see him at trade shows, and I’m excited to share elements of those great conversations with a larger audience at our next Executive Roundtable on Friday, June 29.


The brand is growing like crazy and is doing something better than many in the industry: tapping into the wider youth culture beyond its action sports roots.


Shaun, who has lots of personality and spark, will talk about his youth culture strategy and many other things, including his goal to build the largest youth accessories brand and the “silo” approach Neff is using. I will also talk with him about his pricing strategy, which he believes is one of the keys to Neff’s success.


While best known for its beanies, Neff makes hot-selling watches, snowboard gloves, and sunglasses, too, and is poised to hit the market with a new accessory category that retailers are already snapping up. We will talk about that new product at the Roundtable, and the thinking behind it.


We’ll also discuss Neff’s new deal with electronic superstar DeadMau5, the DJ that closed the Grammy’s this year.


Neff RoundtablePlus, we will bring Neff’s father, Joe, on stage to briefly discuss his role in the company and how he helped guide his son. Joe is a lawyer and former partner at Price Waterhouse Cooper and an early investor in the brand. We’ll also ask CFO Roy Thorsen, who has experience with bigger brands such as Bugle Boy, about the opportunity he sees for this young brand.


I’ll also ask Shaun about how his Mormon faith has helped him in business. I know a little about this, and you’ll be amazed at the leadership role Shaun has at his church at the young age of 33.


The event will take place at the fabulous Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach.


Thanks to our sponsors for making it all happen: Wells Fargo Trade Finance, Procopio, Sage Investment Banking, Moss Adams, Full Circle, Agenda Trade Show and the Shorebreak Hotel.


To find out more about the Executive Roundtable and to register, click here.










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