White Room International USA Inc. Seeking a Buyer for SMP Clothing

Photo courtesy of SMP Clothing

SMP Clothing was a brand that captured the imagination of many during its heyday in the 1990s. Its appeal stemmed from several factors, contributing to its status as one of the coolest brands in the action sports scene:


Photo courtesy of SMP Clothing.

  • Versatility: SMP transcended individual action sports categories like snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and motocross. Its broad appeal made it a favorite among enthusiasts from various disciplines as well as artists and musicians who appreciated its edgy aesthetic.
  • Mysterious Acronym: The acronym “SMP” added an element of intrigue and mystique to the brand. The fact that its meaning wasn’t explicitly defined allowed people to interpret it differently, adding to its allure. Whether it was “Sex, Money, Power,” “Surf, More, Points,” or “Smoke More Pot,” the ambiguity around its meaning only fueled curiosity and conversation.
  • Counter-Cultural Vibe: SMP embodied a rebellious and counter-cultural ethos that resonated with the youth of the ’90s. Its edgy designs and bold statements challenged the status quo, symbolizing individuality and non-conformity.
  • Authenticity: The brand’s origins and association with the action sports lifestyle and its founder Milo Meyers, contributed to its authenticity. It wasn’t just a corporate creation but emerged from the grassroots of action sports culture, lending it credibility and street cred.
  • Iconic Designs: SMP’s clothing and accessories featured distinctive designs that stood out on the retail floor. From bold graphics to innovative styles, the brand’s products were visually striking and instantly recognizable, further solidifying its appeal. Of course, it was known for its logo variations, including the famous iteration where the SMP logo looked remarkably similar to the STP motor-oil logo, which was a fan favorite.
  • Cultural Impact: SMP wasn’t just a brand; it became a cultural phenomenon that reflected the spirit of the times. Its influence extended beyond sports into music, art, and lifestyle, cementing its place in the collective memory of those who experienced its rise to prominence.

Ultimately, SMP’s allure and mystique were due to a combination of its versatile appeal, mysterious acronym, counter-cultural vibe, authenticity, iconic designs, and broader cultural impact. While its time in the limelight may have faded, the memories of its heyday continue to evoke nostalgia among those who remember it fondly.

Matt Whyte, CEO of White Room International Pty, an Australian-based action sports company, acquired the SMP brand in 2016, adding it to its portfolio of brands, including CARVE Eyewear, Drift Eyewear, Ecosol sunscreen, and Amco jeans.

The acquisition of SMP by White Room International happened after Matt Whyte, familiar with the brand from his days as an avid snowboarder and surfer, approached the factory owner who held the rights to SMP. The factory had assumed the brand from the previous owner who could not meet its debt obligations. Matt Whyte then expressed interest in purchasing the brand, and the factory owner agreed to sell.


Photo courtesy of SMP Clothing.

Unfortunately, the dream to reimagine and relaunch the SMP brand and bring it back into prominence as a retro-iconic brand took a back seat during COVID, as the rapidly growing CARVE Eyewear and sister brands consumed most of the company’s resources.

With this, White Room International has decided to put the brand up for sale in an open format, hoping that a buyer will emerge with the same passion and vision for the brand Matt saw and continues to have.

The deal is largely a purchase of the IP assets (trademarks) and goodwill. “It is a clean slate and a fresh start for a classic brand,” says owner Matt Whyte. The company has trademark registration dates as early as 1992. The mark is registered in at least 11 countries and in a variety of trademark classes, e.g., 9, 11, 14, 18, 25, 26 and 28.

For inquiries about the purchase or license of SMP, contact Anthony Scaturro, executive vice president of White Room International USA Inc. E: anthony@whiteroomintl.com.