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Photos from Day 1 of Surf Summit

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  • Quiksilver's Bob McKnight, Sanuk's Jeff Booth, and Sanuk Founder Jeff Kelley - Photo by SES
  • Leigh and Celeste Tonai of HIC, Cheyenne Neukomm, Sonya and Neil Fiske of Billabong and Daniel Neukomm of La Jolla Group - Photo by SES
  • Brent Lantz of Volcom, Kevin Meehan of RVCA and Dylan Slater of Rip Curl - Photo by SES
  • Candy Harris of Stance and Cathey Curtis of Billabong - Photo by SES
  • Team O'Neill: Lindsay Henkels, Josh Wellington, Kari Johnson and Steve Ward - Photo by SES
  • Chad DiNenna of Nixon, Norb Garrett of TEN and Marty Mathiesen of Oakley - Photo by SES
  • Mike Carter of Agenda and Bryan White of Nixon - Photo by SES
  • Dave Cropper of Cinnamon Rainbows, and RVCA's Jonathan McCabe, Eric Thomas and Brian Cassaro - Photo by SES
  • Raising a glass to former SIMA President Dick Baker - Photo by SES
  • Stance President John Wilson - Photo by SES
  • Karly Cottrell of Island Water Sports and Christine Warren of Agenda - Photo by STEELE
  • Paul Harvey of Rip Curl, Greg Weisman of Ritholz Levy and Larry Kraus of Emerald City - Photo by SES
  • Stance CEO Jeff Kearl during his keynote address - Photo by STEELE
  • Scott Sisamis and Bobby Gascon of Vans and Ron Abdel of Jack's - Photo by SES
  • Stance CEO Jeff Kearl and Ryan Kingman - Photo by SES
  • D Nachnani of Coastal Edge and Vicki Redding, Faye Fredericks and Ryan Clasen of Vans - Photo by SES
  • Steve Ward of O'Neill and Bobby Abdel of Jack's - Photo by STEELE
  • Jeff Kelley and Surf Expo's Roy Turner - Photo by SES
  • Cory Higgins of Jetty - Photo by STEELE
  • The view from the Marquis Los Cabos - Photo by STEELE
  • The cocktail reception - Photo by STEELE

Surf Summit 20 got underway Wednesday night in Los Cabos, Mexico with a cocktail reception and keynote address from Stance CEO Jeff Kearl.

We have photos from the night in our slide show above.





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Surf Summit 20 got underway Wednesday night in Los Cabos, Mexico with a cocktail reception and keynote address from Stance CEO Jeff Kearl

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