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Photos from Day 2 of Surf Summit

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  • Faye Fredericks, Vicki Redding and Mitch Whitaker of Vans, Karly Cottrell of Island Water Sports, and Jim Watson of Vans - Photo by SES
  • Cory Higgins of Jetty, Zach Boon of Surfline, Bryce Phillips of Evo and Dario Phillips of Slowtide - Photo by STEELE
  • The Billabong table at Flora Farms
  • A Flora Farms appetizer
  • The Vans table at Flora Farms
  • Afdhel Aziz of the marketing agency Conspiracy of Love - Photo by STEELE
  • A workshop discussion about increasing the reach of surf beyond the beach - Photo by STEELE
  • A workshop discussion about distribution management
  • Wasserman Managing Partner Steve Astephen was quite direct in urging brands to rethink how they are approaching marketing

The second day of Surf Summit 20 featured workshops and speakers covering topics from how to increase the reach of surf beyond the beach to how brands can harness the power of culture, technology and social good to help their business.

Those talks, in addition to Friday night’s keynote address by Stance CEO Jeff Kearl about the radically changing consumer, sparked a lot of conversation throughout the day.

Attendees were on their own for dinner, and many ended up at the delicious Flora Farms.

We have photos from Surf Summit Day 2 above in our slide show.





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