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Photos from Vans US Open of Surfing Party

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  • Vans GM of North America Mitch Whitaker and VP of Global Marketing Nick Street
  • Tyler's Head Buyer Cara Williams and Owner Dale Grimes
  • Henry Cosio of Vans, Active President Jenner Heller, Ryan Clasen of Vans
  • The HSS team at the party - Taylor Pai, Lee Gatlin, Mike Sheldon, Trevor Pai, Ashlyn Pai
  • Dave Tichiaz of Vans and Bobby Abdel of Jack's
  • Milo Myers of Hanger 94 and Lance Eddy of Vans
  • Tony Perez of TEN and Mitch Abshere
  • Roy Turner of Surf Expo, Dave Nash of Sun Diego, Vicki Redding of Vans, Steve Fisher of Surf Expo
  • EJ Heintz of Vans, Kay and Mark Richards of Val Surf, and Hallie Osthus of Vans
  • D Nachnani of Coastal Edge, Coco Tihanyi and Carlos Pardo of Surf Diva, Jim Watson of Vans
  • Newlyweds Ashli and Josh Hansen of Hansen's and Henry Cosio of Vans
  • Heather Lewis and Debbie Harvey of Ron Jon
  • Pete Censoplano of Sun Diego, LG Shaw of WRV, and Brent Reilly of Surfer Magazine
  • Christine Warren of Agenda and Laura Doherty of Vans
  • Jim Watson and Bobby Gascon of Vans and Mike Carter of Agenda
  • Josh Friedberg of the International Skateboarding Federation
  • Andrea Kelly of Proximo and the one and only Randy Hild

Vans held its annual dinner and party for retailers, athletes and industry executives to celebrate the Vans US Open of Surfing last night at The Bungalow in Huntington Beach.

The company is hosting a wide range of retailers at the event, including owners and executives from stores such as Tyler’s in Texas, Ron Jon in Florida, WRV in Virginia Beach, and Val Surf in Los Angeles.

We have photos from the evening in our slide show, above.



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