Insights from the Retail Store Floor Part 2: The Impact of Frontline Engagement on Brand Loyalty

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In the dynamic realm of retail, success hinges on the interactions between brands, frontline staff, and customers. Part 2 of ENDVR’s survey series delves into invaluable insights from over 175 frontline retail employees across North America, revealing the direct influence of engagement, product knowledge, and brand relationships on sales performance within the active outdoor sector. This includes understanding the critical role of frontline staff in shaping consumer preferences, driving brand loyalty, and sales.

The Dynamics of Brand Loyalty:

Brand loyalty is paramount in the active outdoor industry, where passion drives consumer choices. Our survey explores the factors driving this loyalty among frontline staff. While product quality remains a dominant factor, with 58% of respondents emphasizing its significance, an equally compelling revelation is the pivotal role of product knowledge. A substantial 35% highlighted the influence of having tested a product or brand, emphasizing the direct correlation between staff familiarity and brand advocacy.

Empowering Frontline Sales Through Knowledge:

Knowledge empowers sales, particularly in retail. The survey resonates with this sentiment, with a staggering 94% of respondents affirming that they tend to sell more products from brands they are well-versed in. This underscores a fundamental truth: educated staff breed confidence, and confidence translates into sales. Platforms like ENDVR are essential in fostering strong customer relationships and driving sales growth by providing confidence and relationship-building tools to frontline staff through education modules, incentives, and retail operation engagement. ENDVR retail sales enablement platform also offers valuable data-driven insights and measurable ROI, showing direct impacts on sales growth, sell-through rates, and reorders. This enables brands to tailor their strategies accordingly. The survey provided a clear call to action, emphasizing the need for brands to prioritize building strong relationships with frontline staff to effectively influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The Human Element:

Beyond the products themselves, the human touch emerges as a critical catalyst for brand preference. An overwhelming 95% of surveyed staff expressed an inclination to sell more products from brands that actively foster relationships with them. Whether through regular visits from representatives, in-store clinics, or innovative campaigns like those facilitated by ENDVR, the symbiotic relationship between brands and frontline staff emerges as a potent force driving sales and cultivating loyalty. This underscores the imperative for brands to prioritize nurturing these relationships to maximize sales and brand advocacy. Leveraging platforms like ENDVR, which offers rewards, incentives, cash bonuses, and digital education, provides a seamless way to connect with frontline staff. With nearly 100,000 frontline sales associates already engaged with the ENDVR platform, the potential to further enhance brand engagement and product knowledge is limitless.

Engagement’s Lasting Impact and Call to Action:

Engaged employees are pivotal for retail and brand success. By fostering supportive environments and providing comprehensive training, brands lay the groundwork for enduring prosperity. Frontline staff serve as the backbone of brand success, driving sales and creating connections with customers. Get all the valuable insights on enhancing frontline engagement and fostering brand loyalty by downloading the full survey results now.

If you haven’t already seen Part 1 of ENDVR’s survey, focusing on workplace satisfaction and compensation among frontline retail staff in the active outdoor sector, download ENDVR’s Part 1 survey now!

For additional resources on how to transform your brands retail engagement by empowering frontline staff, boosting brick-and-mortar and wholesale sales, and strengthening your brand’s competitive stance, join monthly webinars on enhancing sales in brick-and-mortar stores hosted by ENDVR.

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