5 Tips for Brands Looking to Drive Sales in Wholesale Channels

Photo courtesy of ENDVR

Brands focusing on smart investments in wholesale channels are witnessing increased visibility and sales. So, what constitutes “smart investing”? It involves leveraging platforms like ENDVR.io, a retail sales enablement platform tailored to increase brand revenue in retail/physical stores by offering strategic insights to optimize brand spending.

ENDVR.io conducted a thorough survey with over 175 North American retail staff members, identifying key strategies to boost brand revenue efficiently. Below are the Top 5 tips for ramping up sales in physical stores.

  1. Cultivate Strong Relationships: Building solid connections with retail staff is crucial for enhancing brand loyalty. ENDVR’s survey results showed that 95% of retail staff value close relationships with brands, leading to a 44% increase in sales for brands utilizing ENDVR.io. This strategy fosters brand loyalty and positively influences sales and sell-through rates. For more on building these relationships, see the full report.
  2. Empower Through Digital Education: Knowledge is a significant sales driver in retail. With 94% of staff more likely to sell products they understand, ENDVR’s digital education modules provide teams with the necessary confidence and insights. This commitment to education boosts brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, creating a well-informed sales force. For additional details on the impact of brand education, view the full document.
  3. Highlight Quality and Experience: Highlight Quality and Experience: Product quality (58%) and personal experience (35%) are key to loyalty, underscoring the importance of sales staff’s belief in the brand’s products. ENDVR ensures this connection, improving the customer experience. Discover more on how frontline staff view product quality and experience.
  4. Accelerate Product Movement with Digital Innovation: ENDVR’s tools streamline the retail process, increasing product movement and sales. Explore the comprehensive benefits and how digital innovation can improve in-store sales.
  5. Adopt a Comprehensive Approach to Incentives: ENDVR’s incentives combine product experiences with relationship-building, significantly improving sales performance and brand loyalty. Learn how to leverage this strategy by accessing the full document.

Nathan Benson, Marketing Director for the Americas at Burton, shares, “Engagement with ENDVR was incredible. After launching our contest, we reached 50% of the previous year’s total submissions in just 18 days, and ultimately tripled our engagement in terms of entries and sales.”

For an in-depth exploration of these strategies, download our document on the 5 key tips.

These insights highlight the crucial role of frontline engagement in increasing brand loyalty and sales in wholesale. With ENDVR.io, brands can prepare retail teams for success with targeted education, meaningful incentives, and a commitment to quality and authenticity. As the retail environment evolves, these strategies offer a solid foundation for brands seeking to stand out in the competitive wholesale market.

To discover more about how ENDVR can support your brand revenue, visit us at ENDVR.io